Easily Split and Merge PDF Files [Free Software]

Have you ever found the need to merge two PDF files into one, or for that matter split them into multiple ones? Adolix Split and Merge PDF Files allows you to split a single PDF files into multiple documents or merge multiple PDF files into a single one for free.


Adolix Split and Merge PDF Features:

  • Split PDF without any cost
  • Combine PDF files into a single document
  • You can even append encrypted PDF files to another PDF
  • Split PDF files using a customized pattern (similar to Word printing)
  • Process password protected PDF files

You get all these features at absolutely free, so go ahead and give split and merge PDF a try.

Download Split & Merge PDF [Split and Merge PDF Home]

12 thoughts on “Easily Split and Merge PDF Files [Free Software]”

  1. I needed to use this tool when i needed to email a very bulky PDF file and was amazed to find that it was quite simple do so really.

    please send me by mail

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