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My Stickies is a web based application that serves as a superior alternative to the bookmarks tool on your browser and third party applications.

My Stickies not only helps serve as a shortcut way to the webpage you marked, but it also allows you to put a yellow sticky note anywhere on any web page your browser visits. Ordinary bookmarks only gives you fast access to webpages marked and normally don’t have the note feature.

The Sticky Notes help you quickly recollect what you found interesting in the web page. The application also has My Stickies tag attribute which allows you to specify categories for each note, and create and view sub notes under every category. My Stickies is especially relevant for reminding you where you read something exciting in blogs.


My Stickies uses the browser extension method as it would allow users to obtain their notes instantly without having to load a book mark on every web page.

You have to sign up at the official website of My Stickies and open your account. The account allows you to access notes and bookmarked pages from any computer with internet connection at any place, as the bookmarks and notes are stored in the My Stickies server. All the notes you have created are visible in your account. It is possible to edit the note text or delete old notes no longer needed. You can also open the stickied sites from the account.

Every account has an unlimited supply of Sticky pages. Sticky pages are blank except for a title that you select for them. They are similar to a scribble pad where you can jot down your thoughts, or place to-do-lists or reminders. They allow you to store notes on them instead of cluttering your web pages with notes. They are hence ideal for use if you have large numbers of notes to store on the web page.

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