Free Software To Enable Or Disable USB Storage In Windows

I recently wrote an article on how To Enable / Disable USB Removable Mass Storage Device Pen Drive Access in Windows. In the article, I pointed the registry changes that need to go, in order for you to be able to enable or disable a pen drive / removable mass storage device.

Also, for those who are not comfortable editing registry files, there were respective registry (.reg) files uploaded.

But with InteliAdmin’s USB Drive disabler, the whole process of handling registry editors is out of scope. You can download USB Drive Disabler, a free software from IntelliAdmin, that will help you disable or Enable USB drives. Internally, this software runs a process which will make changes to your registry file. No human intervention required.

This tool works on Windows server 2000, 2003, 2008, Windows XP and Vista. If you have Windows Vista, remember the extra (unwanted according to me) protection they’ve put in – you’ll   have to run the program as an administrator.


Select if you want to Disable or Enable USB drives and then apply the settings. Changes will be made to the registry keys accordingly and will be effective immediately.

This will Disable or Enable only USB storage, and not the USB port itself, so you’ll still be able to use other USB devices like USB mouse, web cam, printers, scanners and such.

[ Download USB Disabler ]

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  • I can’t download software from your link. Thanks

  • @Oki – It takes you a new page where they have upgraded version of the software. You can download the software from there.


  • Ok. Nice post

  • I try it but it doesn't work

    • nilesh

      i am also try it but dont work it currectly

  • Sridhar


  • Sridhar

    Will it effect on usb printers also
    please post regarding this..


    • vijay

      I have a software which has key device also & it is a connect in usb port look like a pen drive but it is not come in my computer as pen drive. If I installed it then is that software work properlly

  • saurav kumar

    hello, i am actually looking for a s/w that enables- disables a specific usb port of my choice, identifying individual port and giving an option to either enable or disable it, pls help ;my project relies on this solution.


  • Anurudda

    thanks . it's working properly.

  • ABU

    It is inbuilt in your windows. Go to control panel>system>hardware>device manager>universal serial bus controller. Choose the USB port u want to disable. Right Click and choose 'disable'. In case u want to re-enable the port repeat the process of right click and choose 'enable'. In case u accidently disable your mouse(if connected to your PC through USB port), as soon as u get the device manager again, press 'enter'. the option of 'enable' is preselected in the screen which appears. press enter again and the mouse is live again!

  • vino

    how to enable the usb without the administrator rights..

  • sreenu

    simplay super from sree

    • shumam

      thanks a lots….nice software.

  • nidhinkp

    its good one