Create Perfect Screen Captures With Bug Shooting [Free Utility]

Screen captures have become a great way for capturing and sharing information, there are several utilities both paid and free which allow you to capture your screen and save it as images and out all time favorite has been Faststone Capture which is now paid. (You can still download the old free version)

Bug Shooting is the latest entrant into the screen capture world, and is probably one of the best free screen capture utilities, with many features that you may only find in commercial softwares.


Bug shooting has a inbuilt screen magnifier that will allow you to magnify any are on the screen before taking a snapshot. They also have a nifty little feature that allows you to delay the delay the capture using the delayed capture feature, this feature is similar to what many digital cameras provide you with using the inbuilt timer.

The delayed capture feature can be particularly useful when you want to cpature menus or tooltips. Another feature which we liked was the ability to combine multiple screenshots into one, allowing you create a collage without having to use a photo editor.


There are several features in bug shooting which put this software in par with other paid alternatives.

Complete List of Bug Shooting Features

  • Capture screen, windows, screen area
  • Delayed capture allows you to time your captures.
  • Screen Magnifier allows you to magnify portions of your screen.
  • Multiple screen support.
  • Crop, resize the screen shots. Add annotations using geometric shapes, arrow and text.
  • Add new layers and images to your screenshot.
  • Ability to rotate and flip the screenshot.
  • Print, save and open the screenshot from a file.
  • Combine multiple screenshots into one.

Once you have created a screen capture you can easily share it by storing it online, or sending it through Skype or emailing it using Outlook. You can also trigger a application to open the saved capture.

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