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One needs to properly know or have a basic idea about Pdtfk before getting to work with it. There is a primary difference between Pdftk and PDF. If you consider the latter an electronic paper then the former is an electric staple remover, binder, secret decoder ring among others. This is a very simple tool and is extremely user friendly and no special expertise is needed to utilize it. This is a free tool that is required to operate everyday things with PDF documents. This is a perfect device’ that can do the following actions:-

It can split as well as merge several PDF pages

The Pdftk has the ability to both decrypt as well as encrypt several PDF documents

The Pdftk also has the power to both uncompress as well as decompress several streams of pages.

The above functions are considered to be its main purposes of existence. The website of Pdftk has several useful links through which one can download several very useful software. The website also provides several instruction links that would guide an average person to properly install and use it. The Pdftk is very important and very useful software and it absolutely hassle free.

It currently runs on several computer configurations namely Linux, Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD and also on Mac OS X. Some of the users can download several precompiled binaries while there are others who need to download the code of source and will have to compile and build up the Pdftk after properly using gcj, gcc and also libgcj. This software is also pretty useful when it concerns the command prompts for the Windows.

Then there is an application that is also pretty helpful and is called the PDFTK Builder. This is a standalone program and can be carried around in an USB Driver. This application also has several functions like it can rearrange or delete pages; split up single PDF files into multiple ones, protects the password of a certain PDF file and also disables the function of printing. The collate tab is widely known to be the most extensive function of the PDFTK Builder. It merges a couple of PDF files after taking the contents of the doc2.pdf and appends it successfully to the doc1.pdf. The Split tab helps you to break up one PDF file into several single documents. The background or stamp tab can be utilized to add a particular watermark or a background. A person can also rotate the PDF pages to his or her liking.

You always have the option of making the output file protected by a password. You also have the option of disabling the copying of documents and also prevent the printing if you feel like. Thus as we can see, that the Pdftk is a really useful application that can be used by almost anyone who knows a thing or two about computer software. This application is something that enhances your workings regarding Pdf and lets you have the maximum output out of them. This user friendly application should be used in the right procedure so as to enjoy the right outputs and get all the desired results.

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