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Forms are used pretty often these days, to allow users to electronically fill out forms. It is done to go green and save printing costs and paper. There are several expensive softwares out there, which allow you to design and create PDF Forms.

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PDF Form Designer is a cross-platform alternative, for creating PDF forms in new and existing PDF files.


PDF Form designer allows you to use drag and drop controls to create forms. In addition to that, it also allows you to use Javascript in the forms. Javascript code can be used to validate the form or perform other tasks. You can add as many pages you want to the PDF.

The software also allows you to import and edit existing PDF documents. You can choose to import the PDF as a new document, or add it to a existing document.


Once you have designed the form, you can easily export it as a PDF document. You can then send the PDF to people to fill out. PDF Form designer is a definite must-have software, as it is easy to use and also saves you printing costs and is environment friendly.

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PDF Form designer will work on both Windows and Linux based systems. You will require to have Java installed on your PC for this to work. Please note, this software does not have any executable, so you will have to click on the run.bat to open the software.


Download PDF Form Designer

3 thoughts on “Free PDF Form Designer”

  1. downloaded the free pdf form designer for vista, but can I install it. Already unpack the original downloaded file and click the run.bat, but nothing happen. I am ignorant in this kinda things. thanks

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