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By on June 2nd, 2008

I have been a heavy user of Outlook for quite some time but that said synchronizing pop accounts have often been disastrous and I usually mess up ending with duplicate emails and contacts in Outlook.

Quite recently when I bought a new laptop I copied over the PST files from my old laptop to the new one and setup new pop accounts and as usual it left me with a lot of duplicate emails.

In earlier days it was easy to remove duplicates manually since I did not have many emails, but now I really felt the need for a good tool to remove the duplicate emails and contacts since I had around 10000 emails archived and finding and removing emails would be a nightmare for me.

Searching for duplicate removers for Outlook did not find me any good software which were free to use, but that was only until I landed up on ODIR (Outlook Duplicate Item Remover) which allows users to remove duplicate contacts, calendar items, email, tasks and notes.

ODIR is Free, Fast and easy tool for removing duplicate items from Outlook folder.

With ODIR it’s a snap to clean your Outlook folders by removing all duplicates. ODIR removes duplicates from Contacts; Calendar; Tasks; Notes and Email folders.

I gave ODIR a spin for its worth and found it to be perform what it says. I was able to find and delete duplicate emails and contacts without having to find them manually. I must say I was thoroughly impressed with the software.

Using ODIR with Outlook

You will need to download and install ODIR before you can start using it. It is advisable to close Outlook during the installation process. Once you have installed ODIR restart Outlook and you should see a new menu item called ODIR, just select that and click on Remove Duplicates option from the menu.


Once you have done that you should see a new window pop up from where you can find and delete duplicates.

You can select any folder and click on Remove duplicate items, clicking on the button will not actually delete the items, it will just search and show you the duplicate items. You can choose and select which items you actually want to delete.


Looks like a great addition to my must have utilities. This software definitely helps to easily remove duplicate emails, contacts, calendar entries, task and notes from Outlook / Outlook Express.

If you have lots of duplicate emails and contacts I would definitely suggest you use the free Outlook Duplicate Item Remover.

Download: Outlook Duplicate Item Remover [ODIR]

Via: [Download Squad]

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  • AbiLogic

    Useful tool!
    A few years ago I was find such tool, but not found :(

    Downloaded ODIR to my utilities collection. Thanks!

    • Dave Jacques

      What does ODIR do with duplicate e-mails it finds? I can’t find them! Regards,

  • Nitin

    Hi, Thanks for feedback, I have installed the software, but its hanging while executing form outlook menu bar.
    Suggest me what to do? – Nitin

  • IDNoble

    Re: Outlook Duplicate Item Remover (ODIR)
    The criteria for removing duplicate contacts is flawed. It is based on the following – First Name, Last Name, Company, and email. This criteria is not enough to identify an item as being duplicate. When I ran the program against my contacts in outlook, it identified several contacts as being duplicate which is incorrect because these contacts have different phone numbers. Thus care must be taking to ensure that the aforementioned criteria is sufficient to identify an item as being duplicate. This is a good concept though. The program is fast. Emails criteria should be fine since every email have a unique id. I think contacts is an easy fix.
    Good job and thanks to the author. I hope I did not come across as knocking the program because I am not. I’m merely pointing out something that might have been overlooked.

    • zorlov

      Has this problem of not evalualing the entire contact been fixed?

  • BeeDee

    Not free. It is limited to remove a maximum of 10 entries at a time. So if you have 5000 duplicate entries it will take you a very long time. To get the full version is maybe cheap in dollars but not so cheap for other currencies, especially seeing usage is maybe a once-off.

  • Linde

    Is this program compatible with outlook 2007. I have installed it and it doesn’t pick up my .pst or .ost file even after I have specifically created one.

    • Keith Dsouza

      @Linde I have used this with Outlook 2007 and it seemed to work fine for me

  • Vinnster

    It does not work with Outlook 2007 and Vista Enterprise. Outlook goes into Not Responding mode and hangs.

    • SaltandLight52

      ODIR hangs for me, too. Does this mean I have to reinstall Outlook1997 to get rid of ODIR?

      • SaltandLight52

        Outlook 2007. Sorry about the typo

    • Mark

      Right click in the system tray on Outlook and click on “Cancel Server Request”. It loads for me right after I do so.

  • Linde

    I have Outlook 2007 and Vista basic and am now trying it for the umpteenth time out of desperation to get rid of all the duplicate emails in outlook. I have used other duplicate mail removers’ trial versions, but still have duplicates left.

    The developers of ODIR referred me to this solution.
    Will try and see if it works.

    • Fred F

      I fixed the freezing/hanging problem by closing the toolbar I had running for FranklinCovey PlanPlus. Maybe you are also having a problem with a toolbar that is running. Go to View/Toolbars and disable toolbars other than the standard Outlook ones, run ODIR, then re-enable the toolbar.

      ODIR seems to have fixed my duplicate appointments except for the recurring all-day events. Maybe there’s another fix for that.

  • Nitin


    I have just installed this software, but do not find option in outlook 2007 in any of the menu option. Can anyone help?


  • Joan

    ODIR is so useful! I need it back!

    I loved this program when I had it before, but for some reason it "disappeared" I am not a technical whiz. Have been trying to install duplicate email remover program, ODIR, but can't because I keep getting this message:unable to register the DLL/OCX , Register Server Failed code:OX80004005, unexplained error. I'm drowning in duplicate emails and need this program. I contacted Vaita technical support, but they do not give any for their free programs.

    Would love any advice. I've spent a ton of time on my own trying rectify the problem, with no luck. I'm running Windows XP

    Thanks so much

  • Stacey

    I love ODIR. Thank you so much. I use Outlook 2007 on my home computer and Lotus Notes 8 on my work computer. I can export my Lotus Notes calendar as a .ics calendar and then import that into Outlook, but it continues to create duplicates. I’ve manually deleted years’ worth of duplicate entries more times than I care to admit. I’ve looked for a tool to remove the duplicates but the cost made it not too appealing to purchase. Now ODIR has done it for free. This application is fantastic. Thank you again!!

  • hanging

    At first, ODIR was hanging and freezing my Outlook 2003 on Win 7 (not responding). It turned out it was scanning my 45,000 emails. After a while, it began moving my duplicate emails to the duplicate sub-folder it created. Nice. Thanks!

  • Eric

    Excellent program. Works as advertised. Thanks for the reviews

  • Maria – in Texas

    After being forced to upgrade MobileMe calendars, I found that I had HUNDREDS of duplicates in my calendars. Microsoft’s idea of a solution is to manually remove each dup – NOT!
    So, I did a google search – and found your review on ODIR. I downloaded the app and voila 709 duplicate entries were removed. Easy, Effective, and FREE – can’t get much better than that! Thanks.

  • rog

    Also recommend trying out to remove duplicate contacts

  • Chris Cooper

    I have downloaded and tried to use ODIR on Outlook 2010, but can’t seem to get the add-in to load at all.
    I know it’s free, and I know you guys aren’t going to offer any support, but there is no assistance if the add-in isn’t working, and I’ve not come across anyone with the same problem.
    I’ve tried manually adding the ODIR.dll file to the com add-ins dialog but I still can’t get the add-in to launch. It doesn’t even appear in the add-in list.
    Any ideas?

    • Ricahrd

      I had that, I had to add the user as a local administrator, logged off and back on reinstalled and it showed as an add-in. The only problem I have now is that it cannot read my ost file…

  • Danny

    It appears it only works in the account it was installed. If you are using a limited account, change it to an administrator account first then install ODIR. You can change back after you’re done.

  • Dan S.

    Used it, appears to be working, but I could only delete about a dozen of the ODIR folders!

    Delete folder no longer works on the ODIR Duplicate Items folders. So now I have over a hundred new folders with deleted emails.

    GREAT solution.

  • Jason

    You guys saved me $30 bucks! Thank you so much for this blog post!

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