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If you are looking for a free intelligent search software, then Copernic Agent is one of the best in the market.

Copernic Agent enhances the efficiency of your web searches. This highly intelligent program queries the best search engines to bring out incredible search results that are of superior quality and with great relevance to your search keywords.

The higher quality of the results is due to the wider coverage of the web by this software. It queries more than 90 search-engines, rids the duplicate results and gives you the best conflated information from all these sites.

Besides giving you an index of search results the software permits you to email them to friends, generate reports, save pages and even get rid of damaged links. It creates a search history and saves the searched pages for future use. Filtering and sorting results is also possible with this software. Layouts and choice of search engines can be customized.

The software is compatible with Windows95, 98, 2000, ME and XP with IE 4.0SP1.

The software’s interface is very user friendly. The software comes in three versions-basic, personal and professional. The basic version is free, where as the personal and professional editions come at a price, but they also allow you to customize your search besides performing the search. They help you reach hidden details and also have more advanced attributes for enabling search management.

The professional version is more advanced and provides you a useful summary as well as analysis of the results returned by this software. It helps you keep track of web page information changes as well as latest search results.

The software easily integrates with IE so that searches can be executed using this program from the IE browser itself. Online help is available.

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