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SoftSphere, the makers of the highly regarded DefenseWall HIPS are offering a free copy of DefenseWall exclusively to Gizmo’s Freeware readers. The offer is available for a three day period starting from 2.00 PM Pacific Standard Time, Thursday 10 December and ending at 2.00 PM Sunday 13 December.

In case, you are not sure about the effectiveness of DefenseWall, please note that it has been given good ratings in the tests performed at AV-Comparatives, the independent agency to perform tests on antivirus and security software.

About DefenseWall HIPS:

Firewalls control your network activity, antivirus protects you only from known malicious modules. But their writers modify those modules so quickly, that anti-viruses are unable to detect them untill you will be infected with it.

But DefenseWall HIPS uses whitelists and blacklists to control the privileges of the programs that run on your PC. By reducing the privileges of Internet-facing and other vulnerable programs it very effectively prevents the installation of malware. Because it is not signature-based it is effective in preventing zero-day threats.

Remember, you cannot rely upon one single protection mechanism for all your Internet Security needs.

[This is a guest post from Silki Garg. You will sure find her latest posts on Portable Encryption Apps and Antivirus Software Uninstaller to be interesting reads.]

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