Free 30 GB Online Storage at HUMYO

Seems line Online File Storage space is hotting up.

There is yet another launch this week in the already competitive segment of Online File Storage. And it is none less than 30 GB of FREE online storage space at your disposal. And this shear characteristic makes this ahead of the other services like Dropbox,, MediaMax, OmniDrive, Xdrive, ElephantDrive etc.

Welcome to Humyo.

The only restriction is that out of this 30 GB, 25 GB has to be only for the media files, which makes only 5GB available to your documents and other files. I don’t think that this is a major problem for many of the users because most of the space for an average PC user is consumed by the media files.

humyo Uploading and managing files on Humyo is very smooth. You are given a Desktop client software, which allows you to use Humyo storage space as a drive on your computer. It automatically saves your files from your PC to Humyo and keeps them synchronized in real time. The access to this desktop client is limited for a period of 14 days in free access account. But you can use this service through your browser, which is also an easy option.

Humyo can easily be accessible through your mobile and it can detect the Mobile settings by itself in almost all cases.

How do they make money ?

Yes, they do make money, and they do it through their Pro Account, which gives you 100 GB and is available for $59.99 1st year then $79.99 per year. It gives you an access to encrypted file transfers and collaborative features, which allow colleagues to edit stored documents and upload files.

Although, it seems to be an attractive proposition, but I find myself somewhat uncomfortable of storing my sensitive and important data on any FREE online storage space, because who knows they change their policies some day, shut their doors, and your data is gone forever.

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  • I agree. You need to be careful hosting any of your files on free servers. Always have a backup on your personal hard drive.

    The nice thing about using free servers though is it reduces cpu time and the load on your personal hosting space.

  • Online storage services are coming up in large numbers, I feel unless there are some unique features like the one in drop box, its not going to be a success by just offering huge GBs

  • Online storage service is a best service for online business.It is very important for every internet user.Thanks for sharing nice information.