Four services to get answers to your questions

We have dozens of daily queries, like “What’s in the flight status?” or “What is the score of the ongoing NBA game?”. Likewise, there are numerous places to get the answers to those queries too. Here is a list of four such services, which are popular for providing mostly meaningful answers to user queries.

1. SnapAsk

get-answers-snapask This is an email based service that provides you with valuable information on numerous aspects, like wikipedia articles, stock quotes, weather, flight status, dictionary and many more, through email. All you have to do is just send an email to [email protected] with a command in the subject line of the email. For instance, the command for getting an answer on flight status is flight continental 14. You can find more commands related to other topics on their homepage. The body of the email can be empty.[Visit Snapask]

2. ToAnswer

get-answers-toanswer ToAnswer is a Twitter based answering service. If you are a regular twitter user, just follow ToAsk and ToAnswer profiles. Now whenever you need to ask something, just add @ToAsk before the question. Afterwards, the tweet is is indexed by the ToAnswer Twitter bot and the question is posted on the ToAnswer homepage, making it available for answering by other users of this service.[Visit ToAnswer]

3. Google SMS

get-answers-google-sms This is an awesome service by Google, that can be accessed from your mobile phone. All you have to do is send an SMS to 466453 with the desired keyword for the query. You will get the set of keywords for any particular query here. [Visit GoogleSMS FAQ]

4. Mosio

get-answers-mosio This is yet another email based answering service which also has an SMS option to ask your questions. Check out the Mosio test page. There is nothing to install and everything is free. It also has Twitter and Jott Integration.[Visit Mosio]

Well, as I had already stated in the beginning, out of many other services that answer your questions, those four are my favorites. If you have any better suggestions, please fill in the comment form to share them.

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