Fly On Desktop – Great Joke or Great Pet?

flyHave you ever had a fly land on your computer monitor or notebook screen? Yes, and you are tempted to swat the little beastie, but you sure don’t want to break the screen, do you? Now you can bring this dilemma to life with a simple program that puts life-like flies all over your desktop.


FlyOnDesktop is a 673kb download and installs on WinXP, Vista and 7. Once installed it can be set to run automatically when Windows starts. You’ll find a fly icon in the system tray and right clicking on it lets you set the number of flies spawned at startup.

I found the best setting was one fly. When you see one of these flies on the screen, they look very real. They even walk around the same way real flies do.

Tip: Double-clicking a fly will remove it from the desktop.

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Disclaimer: No real flies were harmed during the production of this post.

arrow-down-double-3 Download FlyOnDesktop

This software is highly recommended and safe for all ages.


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  • shudane

    i wasnt happy, i borrowed my younger brother my laptop , when he give it to me the whole screen was having the flies, by that time we were not in good terms, the worst thing is when we try to remove it with my friends , no one was able to remove it,to me i sense that my brother is sending bad message to me, hard luck this fly on desktop i didnt know it when we are in good terms, i wish if i was the one who investing then myself install it, hardluck he didnt tell me about it,its was worst because i was with my colleages, i was so unappy , i know my brother, hes rude sometimes, he uses this flies to send message