Coming Soon : Fizzik A Social Web Browser

[Windows Only]  Fizzik is a new web browser that is targeted to keep you updated with the social media as well as news and videos. The browser is built on Microsoft technologies.

Features that this new browser offers

Custom Channels : The Bing search is integrated into the browser by default. You can create custom Channels to categorize your common searches which sounds somewhat like the Google alerts to me. This will help you stay informed on all the top news as it appears on the map.

Video Integration : The browser has services like Youtube integrated so that you are always on top of the new ones. You do not need to watch videos on the web pages anymore. The video playback can be watched full screen on the browser itself. This will negate all the distractions while the video plays and ensures that you enjoy the video presentation solely.

Social Media : The browser promises to enrich your social media experiences above all. As it sounds they will also let you find gems in your piles of status updatesmaybe that means creating groups. Last but not the least the browser has got its own collection of built-in sharing options to help you share what you like.

The tool uses Microsoft .NET and Windows Presentation Foundation 3.5 build and is aimed to work on almost all Windows Operating Systems. While browsing Internet Explorer is used, and Adobe’s Flash player is used during video playback.

Demo : The demo video of this yet to release social browser Fizzik can be found on Youtube.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

This tool is yet to release and hence its a tough call to hint anything about it right now. If everything goes as promised this browser is surely going to win my trust.

[via Channel 10]

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