Firefox Christmas Themes

Continuing our trend of giving our readers the best Christmas themes for , here are some new Christmas goodies you can use to decorate one of our favorite browsers.

Like last time around where we had introduced you to several Firefox Christmas themes, here are 2 themes you can use to decorate Firefox to get into the right mood before the holidays. Both the themes are a delight to the eye, we will be updating this list as and when we come across some new Christmas goodies for Firefox.


This is a theme we had recommended last time around, and has the ability to work in Firefox 3 too. The theme makes use of some nice Christmas themed icons and also has a some nice progress bars and tabs.



Download Tinseltown Firefox Theme

Winter Holiday Christmas Theme

This is another beautiful Firefox Christmas Theme which you will definitely like, the theme comes with winter icons and a also adds colorful tabs to match the Christmas season.


Download Winter Holiday Christmas Firefox Theme

I will definitely find many more themes in the coming days and add it to this list, in the meantime have fun and enjoy the holiday season.

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