FineMe, The Easiest Way To Find Program Locations from Windows Shortcuts

Have you ever wondered what the shortcut you are clicking on is launching? Or just curious to know in which directory a application resides in using the shortcut?

FindMe is a nifty and small and free utility which adds itself to the context menu of a shortcut file (.lnk) files and when selected opens an explorer window of the folder containing the target of the shortcut. This context menu command (when you right click on a file) is also known as a shell extension.


There is also a hard Windows way to find this out which would take you more than one step to follow.

To do it the harder Windows way, simply right click on the shortcut icon and select properties from the context menu.

You will see a popup window as seen in the screenshot below;


Copy the location in the target text field then open Windows Explorer and copy the path there and you will be taken to the Application Folder.

Now don’t you think FindMe is more easier, so go ahead and download the useful and free utility FindMe,utilities,useful software,find shortuct application folder