FileTrack Helps Tracking Changes on a Shared File

[Windows only]: Managing shared files can be troublesome, especially if multiple users edit the content of the same file frequently. You have to track the changes made to the file and update the document to be on the safe side. Otherwise, when you update the document – the changes made by shared users may be lost and you may lose vital information.

Consider an office scenario –   you share a particular document which is stored in a Local area network with your friends or colleagues . Someone modifies the content of the file in your absence. Unless you are informed, when you open the document for reading or editing, you might not know whether the content has been modified or not.

This problem can be solved using a simple freeware utility called FileTrack. The application sits in Windows system tray and monitors file system changes on the files you select. When you try to update an already modified file or document, the program notifies you with an alert window.

To use the program, simply click the green icon and select the file which you want to monitor:

Later on, when the content of the file has changed and you try to edit it, you will be shown a prompt window as shown below:

The program works across VPNs and LANs and hence you can possibly track all the files that are shared in your system.

Techie Buzz Verdict

The application serves the purpose well and ensures that data is not lost or overwritten. You must have Microsoft .NET framework installed in your system to use the program.

Techie Buzz rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

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