Extend Windows 7 & Vista Battery Life By Disabling Aero Glass

comes with lot of features and visual enhancements, including features such as Aero Glass and Aero Peek. These features make Windows 7 more appealing to work with. However, if you are on the go, disabling these features can increase the battery life and gives you more power on the go.

Aerofoil is a handy and open source software, which will allow you to disable Windows 7/Vista features such as Aero Glass, and also disable sounds, to increase your battery life on the go.

aerofoil_power_management  aerofoil_management_options

In addition to that, Aerofoil also allows you to manage your power plans using its own interface. The beauty of the software is that, it will automatically disable aero and switch to power saving mode whenever the laptop is running on the battery.


You can also manually disable the Aero Glass and mute sounds by right-clicking the taskbar icon.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Aerofoil can come in pretty handy if you are on the go most of the times and want to get the most of your laptop battery. Though you can manage to change the settings manually, this software provides a interface that makes it easy to change them through a frontend interface.

One annoying thing about this software is that it does not allow you to change the options once it has been installed, you can only select the appropriate power plans for AC mode and battery mode when you are installing the software. If not for this problem, we would have rated it a bit higher.

Another notable fact is, that when you unplug the power cord, you might see a lot of screen flickering, this is due to the software disabling Aero Glass. However, this cannot be avoided. You may also see the screen flickering when the power cord is plugged back in, this is when Aero Glass is enabled again.

Download this if you are using a laptop, desktop users do not require this as they are always directly connected to the power sockets.

Techie Buzz Rating: 2.5/5 (Good)

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