Tweak Windows Seven With EnhanceMySe7en

Windows Seven is a great operating system. It’s truly a step forward in terms of usability and performance. That doesn’t mean that it can’t do better. EnhanceMySe7en is a free utility for optimising and tweaking Windows Seven.

EnhanceMySe7en utilizes the Ribbon interface pioneered by Microsoft Office 2007. All the options are divided into five sections:

  • Tools: Tools tab provides you access to System Information, Process Monitor, Service Monitor, Hard Disk Health Monitor (S.M.A.R.T.), Registry Cleaner, Defragmenter, DiskCleaner and Startup Items Manager. The process manager bundled with EnhanceMySe7en is excellent and deserves a special mention.
  • Most Used Tweaks: This section houses some of the most commonly used Performance, Security and Network related tweaks.
  • System: System tab contains most of the system related tweaks and also provides quick access to File, Network and Security Tools.
  • Optimizations: Performance related tweaks like Memory Cache settings, Hard Disk settings, Unnecessary Services applet and Visual Effects tweaker can be found here. Another interesting option present in this section is System Repair which allows you to repair damaged system and reset font settings. You can also reset the “Show Hidden Folders” setting if it has been disabled by some malware.
  • Customizations: This section provides a plethora of tweaks for your Start Menu, Desktop, Taskbar, Media Player, Error Reporting, Internet Explorer, Context Menu and Windows Explorer. The context menu editor is a handy tool which allows you to get rid of all the junk options which accumulates over time in the right click context menu.

Tweak Windows Seven With EnhanceMySe7en

Ribbon interface is definitely a huge plus for EnhanceMySe7en. Unfortunately, the arrangement of various tweaks doesn’t always make sense and can be slightly confusing. For example, why isn’t File and Network Security Tools in the Tools tab? Or why are there two separate sections for Security related tweaks?

There are plenty of Windows Seven tweaking software available in the market. EnhanceMySe7en can’t compete with professional software like Totalidea’s Tweak-7, but it is one of the best free Windows Seven customization tools available. Go ahead and give it a try if you love playing with your operating system. And keep reading Techie-Buzz as we will feature some of our other favourite Windows Seven tweaking software in the future.

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