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Hiding your personal files and folders, is not a good way to keep them safe from prying eyes. There are several scripts and tools which can be used to quickly unhide the hidden folders and files.


On the other hand, file encryption provides you with better security to protect your information. We have done a rundown of several file and folder encryption tools, along with a review of a useful called TrueCrypt. IMGCrypt is another file encryption , specially created to encrypt and decrypt images.

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To encrypt your images, click on the Encrypt button and select the image you want to encrypt. Once you select the image, you will be asked to provide an password for the image.

The encryption should take some time. After it has completed, you will be asked to save the file to disk. To decrypt the file, just select the encrypted file and enter the password for it.

Techie Buzz Verdict

The app is just OK, and does the job it advertises. However, a lot of things are still left to desire. First, the encrypting process is veryslow, it would be better to get a speed boost in that area. The second thing is that, it does not encrypt the original image, but saves it as a different file, which again takes ages.

Considering that this software is used for encrypting images, the developer of the software was a bit lazy with the interface, as the password field is not hidden.

This app may come in handy, if you are looking to encrypt and send images over the internet, and don’t want someone else to view it, other than the intended recipients.

Techie Buzz Rating: 1.5/5 (average)

Download IMGCrypt [Direct Download Link]

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