Embed Images On Your Desktop with Desktop Takeover

The Windows Desktop is the most accessed place on your computer, and people usually beautify it by adding high resolution wallpapers. Desktop Takeover is a software that allows you to embed images on top of the wallpapers from either your computer or a live image from a website.

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Here is a image of my desktop, before and after using Desktop Takeover. Please click to enlarge

 wallpaper-before-applying-desktop-takeover-changes desktop-takeover-wallpaper-changes

As you can see from the above images, desktop takeover allows you to embed images easily without having to create your own wallpaper. Desktop takeover also allows you to embed satellite weather images and real-time location indicator images making it easier to track the weather and directions from your desktop.

Desktop Takeover Features

  • Visually add photos to wallpaper backgrounds by simple drag-and-drop – no image editing required.
  • Embed pictures not only from your computer, but also from on-line albums and webcams.
  • Set up rotations for the whole background or individual pictures, each rotation with its own delay interval.
  • Export and share wallpaper designs so others do not need to design wallpaper layouts in order to enjoy them.
  • Display satellite weather conditions, real-time location of ISS, and other interesting images.
  • Excellent multi-monitor support: each monitor can have its own wallpaper layout

Desktop Takeover is a excellent enhancement for your Windows desktop and is available for use free of cost.

Download Desktop Takeover [ learn more ]

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