Easy Comment Makes It Easier To Comment On Blogs [Firefox Extension]

Quite sometime back we had told you about a script that would allow you to prefill comments on blogs by automatically entering your name, email and website on the press of a hotkey.

Just came across another called Easy Comment that will help you fill out blog comments form by entering a prefilled name, email and web homepage address on blogging platforms like , Movable Type and Dotclear among others.

The add-on is basically similar to the Greasemonkey script, but this also provides users with a option to prefill the comments too.


To start using Easy Comment, click on the easyComment text in the status bar and fill up the information to prefill your comments, the comment setup will only have to be done one time, the next time you want to prefill comments, simply click on easyComment and it will do the needful.

Easy Comment may not work on certain blogs, which change the default parameters for the comments forms, however pretty useful if you comment a lot and want to save yourself sometime doing it.

Download Easy Comment [via Lost In Technology]

17 thoughts on “Easy Comment Makes It Easier To Comment On Blogs [Firefox Extension]”

  1. Thanks for this great info. Is there a chrome extension that does a similar job? Right now, I’m using LastPass, because it can prefill fields such as those with blogs.

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