Dropbox Updates Web Interface – New Bulk Controls Introduced

dropbox Dropbox, the amazing file syncing application that most people are a fan of, released an update to their web interface recently. With this new update, managing files on the web interface became a bit more easier and functional, making Dropbox even more awesome. The features that top the list are: An overhauled interface for the web and some nifty new features that make bulk handling of files even more easier.

Within the new chic interface, you can now select multiple files and folders and then perform bulk actions over them. Selected objects can be moved or copied to another folder or bound together in a zip file and downloaded. With large file bulk operations, you’ll also get a progress bar so you’ll know how much more is there to wait.

Other features include a search box to search your archive of files and gmail like keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts would not be enabled by default and will have to be enabled from the Preferences dialog under Account Settings. They are very gmail-like indeed. We have j’ for next file and k’ for previous file, o’ for opening a folder and so on. After enabling this function from the preferences, you can go through the whole list of shortcuts by tapping shift+?on the keyboard.

Their development team seems to have taken care of mobile users, as a new mobile-optimized site has also been brought up along with the normal upgrade. As for iPhone users, the official Dropbox application has already been submitted for approval in the Apple Store. Only time will tell when it gets approved it’s been 4 weeks already.

Anyhow, these updates just make us love Dropbox even more.


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