7 Places To Find Free Themes For Windows Vista

Windows Operating provide users with a way to enhance their experience with the help of themes, however there are not many themes to boast of when it comes to using the in-built themes provided in Windows.

which does have a beautiful UI can be enhanced with the help of more attractive themes, but where do you find themes for Windows Vista?

Windows Vista Themes

We are here to help you with your quest in find attractive themes for Windows Vista, most of the websites have several themes you can browse and download, along with instructions on installing the themes.

  1. Deviant Art
  2. Vista 123
  3. My Vista Themes
  4. Vista Themes
  5. Vista Themes
  6. Vista Styles
  7. 9 Vista Themes

Are you a Windows Vista user? Where do you download themes from? Do let us know about your sources through your comments.

13 thoughts on “7 Places To Find Free Themes For Windows Vista”

  1. I have windows vista home premium, where can i download more themes for free just by installing the theme? And if u can i would love it if u guys could tell me where i can download a free xp theme without trial periods.

  2. Although it’s been a while since Windows Vista was first introduced, the third party and community support for it including desktop customization are very low compared to what reaped by Windows XP. And with the Windows 7 are already on the horizon, the condition is quite freaky for those who decide to pick Vista up at this moment. But anyway, great list you have there. It surely helps those Vista users who dyingly needed a change on desktop appearances.

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