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In the past we have written about Windows Live Writer – which is one of the best desktop blogging tools available for Windows. Today we will take a look at another Windows Essential tool – Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM).

WLMM or Movie Maker 14 was released recently and is a huge improvement over its predecessors. Some if its salient features are:

  • Auto Movie: You have thousands of pictures, but don’t have the time to manually create a video presentation using them? Don’t worry. Simply use Auto Movie and WLMM will create a neat looking picture slideshow within a minute.
  • Live Preview: If you like Microsoft Office’s Live Preview, then you are going to love this. WLMM allows you to preview all transition effects by simply hovering your mouse over them.
  • Ribbon Interface: I love the Ribbon interface. Microsoft has been introducing it to more and more applications (which are definitely a good thing). And Windows Live Movie Maker is the latest application to join the club.
  • Windows Live Movie Maker 14

  • Fit content to music length: Another really nice touch by Microsoft. With WLMM you can match your video and audio length with a single click.
  • Publish Content Online: Uploading videos just got a lot simpler. You can now upload videos directly from WLMM. Windows Live Movie Maker supports YouTube, Facebook as well as file sharing websites like Windows Live SkyDrive.
  • Save Content in HD: If you are using Windows Seven then you can save your videos in HD 480, 720 and 1080p.
  • And More: WLMM comes with lots of other neat stuff including new video and transition effects and photo animations. Check out to learn more about Windows Live Movie Maker 14.

Windows Live Movie Maker is aimed at casual users looking to create nifty looking videos quickly and easily. The latest edition adds a host of useful features without compromising on ease of use and intuitiveness.

[Download Windows Live Movie Maker for Vista and Seven]

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  • As long as the video quality is better than the youtube ones, im all for this new tool.