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Mozilla has just released a new version of their desktop email client Thunderbird 2. Thunderbird is a Free replacement for paid desktop email clients like .

Thunderbird 2 includes several new features to help you manage your inbox. As you receive email, Thunderbird 2 will help you organize the most important messages to get you through your day.

There are several new exciting features in Thunderbird 2 including:

Message Tagging

Thunderbird 2 allows you to tagmessages with descriptors such as To Door Doneor even create your own tags that are specific to your needs.


Improved Search

Thunderbird 2 features a new find bar that speeds up searches within displayed messages. Thunderbird also offers quick search, which starts showing search results as soon as you start typing in search terms.


Saved Searches

Thunderbird provides users with the ability to save searches as folders, allowing you to then click on the folders to view the search results.


Advanced Folder Views

Thunderbird 2 offers a variety of ways for you to organize and display your folders, whether by favorites, recently viewed or folders containing unread messages.


Easy Access to Popular Web Mail Services

Thunderbird 2 makes it even easier to integrate and use various Web mail accounts from one inbox. Gmail and .Mac users can access their accounts in Thunderbird by simply providing their user names and passwords.


Thunderbird is definitely a great tool and based on the response we have received from our short survey (which you can take too), we have been asked to cover more of Thunderbird, and like always we give in to our readers demand, and will be covering more of Thunderbird in the future.

Download Thunderbird 2

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