Download Partial Files From Zip Archives

There are many times when you may require to download zip archives from the internet, however you may not require all the files from the archive, and thus waste bandwidth and disk space by downloading the entire zip file.

browse-zip extract-zip

A handy freeware tool called Load Scout, will help users to download only required files from a zip file hosted on the internet, saving users both bandwidth and disk space.

play-snatches show-info

Load Scout Features

  • Show instant info about any media file on the web – You can quickly get information about any MP3 or AVI file on a remote web or FTP server. LoadScout will show artist and song name, genre, bit rate and other quality parameters as well as any comments located in the file.
  • Play snatches of remote MP3 and AVI files – LoadScout can download and play any part of a remote media file.
  • Browse remote archives without downloading – You can open a remote ZIP and RAR files located on the web or FTP and browse the content without downloading the file.
  • Extract individual files from remote archives – When you browse a remote archive you can select any files in it and extract them right from the remote location.
  • Powerful download engine – LoadScout includes a powerful download engine. All processed files can be downloaded simultaneously. It supports HTTP and SOCKS proxy and can complete unfinished downloads.
  • Internet Explorer integration – LoadScout integrates with Internet Explorer to provide instant access to its functionality.

Download LoadScout [via Download Zip and Media Contents Partially]

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