Nero Offers Stripped Down Version Of Nero 9 to Thwart Competition

Nero the manufacturers of popular CD burning and all-in-one media management have taken a new approach to thwart competition from free CD burning and DVD burning softwares, by offering a pretty basic version of Nero 9 for free.


The basic version of the software only allows for data burning and copy discs however burning videos and music is not supported.

The decision to offer Nero 9 for free does makes sense, however leaving out critical features like creating video and music discs may not help them, since popular softwares like CD Burner XP and ImgBurn offer these for free.

Will this move help Nero gain market and steal users from the products? Well certainly not for now, but Nero 9 in its entirety is definitely much better than them.

Download Nero 9 Free [via]

One thought on “Nero Offers Stripped Down Version Of Nero 9 to Thwart Competition”

  1. It’s utter trash. Not really better than the bundled burner in Win 7. They have removed pretty much all the features. You cant even change the writing speed.

    Nero just doesn’t get it. The full version is bloated and this is too basic.

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