Download iTunes 10 with iTunes Ping Support

At the Apple Special Event today, Steve Jobs announced the introduction of a new social networking platform for music lovers called iTunes Ping.

iTunes Ping

iTunes Ping is a social networking site for music lovers, where you can follow your favorite artists and friends and discover music they’re listening to and downloading.


iTunes 10 also introduces new TV show rentals at 99c per episode. It also adds a new feature called AirPlay which allows you to play your favorite music anywhere in your house without having to be connected through wires.

Learn more on what is new about iTunes 10 here. You can also find out more information about iTunes Ping here and download iTunes 10 with iTunes Ping from here.

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  • Kevin

    ok i saw todays keynote and it said that today ill be able to download the new iTunes, but when i go to the download page it saids iTunes 10 coming soon, download iTunes 9, so is it normal or is this just happening to me?

    • I guess it is for all, the iTunes 10 download might be available starting midnight or maybe tomorrow

  • Parker

    The link is to download itunes 9.2 not 10. A little ahead of yourselves ay?

    • @Parker – Not ahead of ourselves, it was available for download for a while before they pulled the plug, it should be back up early

  • I was dumb enough to expect that Ping would take note of my tastes in my profile, the albums I liked, rated or reviewed, and point me to people with similar tastes. So I went to the trouble to do all these things. But all I got directed to was a load of pop followers! And to connect with anyone it appears you have to know their names. I should be so lucky! Very disappointing.