How To Download Hulu Videos?

Hulu is a popular video service which commercially streams television shows from popular networks like NBC, Fox, Comedy Central, MGM, MTV, NGC and several other networks.

Hulu offers on demand content so that you can watch it anywhere, however they do not offer any options to download hulu videos to your computer.

The Hulu Video Downloader is a utility that will allow you to download Hulu videos to you PC, iPod, Zune, PSB or Mobile phone with one-click.


Just enter the URL of the Hulu video you want to download and click the Add button, you can also choose amongst different format in which you want to save the video, the formats you can save in include AVI, MPEG, FLV and WMV. Thanks Nirmal.

Download Hulu Video Downloader

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  • Does this work for non-US citizens? :D
    (I’ll try it later on)

  • Ok seems it doesn’t work for non-US…

  • Matt

    Just use a proxy to watch hulu videos if you’re outside the US.

  • Melissa

    Another way to download from hulu is using tunebite, I use it for a long time, but this new version is much improved, besides the older features, it can also record movies or tv shows from hulu and it also converts the files into the formats I like.

  • Michael

    It will not work anymore……..any other suggestions?

  • J Ellies

    Well, as far as I can see on this tool's website downloading from Hulu is not mentioned anywhere and to my knowledge Hulu streams are anyways encrypted now so u need an app that is able to capture RTMP-e video streaming.

    I also use Tunebite to record Hulu shows I like, it's very reliable and efficient. Among other things, the new version also has a screencapture function that can can help you capture video streams from portals like Hulu and a lot more others and save them in various formats of your choice.
    For help using Tunebite's Hulu Downloader, check out this tutorial I found:

  • tom

    the only problem is that when you go to the hulu downloader page…you don't find hulu…you find youtube downloader…no thanks…i'm not into scams

    • D.J.

      There is NO scam. Obviously, you have no idea what is going on in the world.

      This is a old article. The program used to be able to download HULU videos. Hulu changed their video format so that it is no longer possible to download and save video files. You have to stream to watch and you can't save. No good if you have a slower connection. They still use FLV, but is is encrypted with RTMP-e ro prevent copying.

      Aside from the possibility of some open source underground movement it simply isn't possible to save Hulu videos anymore.

      This software has simply changed it's name since it's no longer able to save Hulu videos. That's not a scam, it's honesty.

      Before you go around throwing more accusations, try learning the facts.

      • scamorama

        total scam. like the first guy said. change this page's info and be accurate so u can stop scamming people like crazy