Download Google Calendar Sync for Outlook 2010

I am a heavy user of Google Calendar and used to use Google Calendar Sync for Outlook. After I switched to using , Google Calendar Sync stopped working as it only supported Outlook 2007 or lower.

Google Calendar Sync Outlook 2010

However, the latest version of Google Calendar Sync now works perfectly with Outlook 2010 and can sync your Google events with your Outlook Calendar. The newer version of Google Calendar Sync for Outlook is available for only 32-bit versions of .

If you have been waiting for the update you can go ahead and download the Google Calendar Sync for Outlook 2010 from here.

4 thoughts on “Download Google Calendar Sync for Outlook 2010”

  1. I always get a message saying choose profile options…even though there’s only single profile in my machine..I don’t know how to trouble shoot that? have u dealt with such situation?


    1. Yes, I have the same problem. was fine with Outlook 2007 on Vista, but now with outlook 2010 on win 7 I get that dang dialog very time. and yeap, I have a single profile, and it is the default profile. ah, what to do.

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