Download DirectX 10 For Windows XP

Many of the games released today make use of DirectX 10 for better gaming performance and graphics, however Windows XP does not have official support for DirectX 10.

However if you are looking to download DirectX 10 for XP and enjoy newer games, you can do it by downloading a unofficial version of DirectX 10 created by the KM-Software DirectX team or the Alky Project.

Download the DirectX 10 setup file run it to install. During installation, you can choose whether you want to   install DirectX 10 version from Alky Project or DirectX 10 version from KM-Software.

We advise you to create restore points for your system before you install DirectX10 for your system, if you are unsure how to do it, you can read our guide on creating restore points in Windows XP.

Download DirectX10 for Windows XP (link removed)

21 thoughts on “Download DirectX 10 For Windows XP”

  1. This thing fu*kt up my computer. All games work very bad. I don't recomand to install. just install vista or 7.Good luck!

    1. It work on some game like Crysis (part one), but on Crysis 2…same like before…but warning !!!
      It start to shit on some game like Bioshock…You only need to delete Nucleus.dll from system32 and (I think dx10.dll) and then the game shouls work…Check on Internet…

  2. When i installed directx 10 many games crashes and combuter restarts again. Please tell me what to do to fix that problem!

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