DocSyncer Documents Synchronizer First Impressions

Yesterday I had written about DocSyncer a utility which would allow you to synchronize your local documents with  your Google Docs account. I was lucky enough to get a invite to use DocSyncer and here are my first impressions about the utility.

The first thing you would have to do once you login into your DocSyncer account is to grant access to DocSyncer to access your Google Docs account. This is important as without this you will not be able to use DocSyncer.

DocSyncer-logo After you have finished granting the privileges you will be asked to download a small software that will synchronize documents from your desktop to your Google Docs account.

Once you have installed the software it will show up in your system tray. The tiny little application is responsible for synchronizing your documents with Google Docs account. Clicking on the icon will launch a browser where you can sign in into your DocSyncer account. Once you do that you will see a welcome screen stating that you documents are being synchronized.


Uploading Documents

DocSyncer scans your entire computer My Documents and Desktop folders and uploads the documents to your DocSyncer and Google Docs account. Uploading of documents is fast and my documents showed up in DocSyncer in less than 5 minutes. The folders were replicated exactly the same way they are present on the computer in the DocSyncer account.

You will have to refresh the page once or twice to see the uploaded documents. You can either choose to view the documents in thumbnail view or detailed view.


Detailed view works pretty much like Windows Explorer and shows you the size of the file and date and time it was modified.


The next thing to check was to verify that the documents were actually uploaded to my Google Docs Account and on logging in to my Google account I did see those documents. The only problem was that the folders were missing from the Google Docs account.

Document Synchronization

Now the time came to test out the synchronization between online and offline documents. To do that I edited one of the document locally below is the screenshot of the document before I edited it locally. I added a new paragraph where the arrow is being pointed.


Once I made the changes I gave it about 5 minutes to synchronize the documents. When I re-opened the document in Google Docs I saw that the document was synchronized and the new paragraph was visible there


Additional Features

In addition to this you can also download the files to your local machine and view revision history of changes. The revision history will allow  you to view different versions of the same document as they were changed.

You can also change the see the properties of the file and make changes to the attributes like Read Only and Hidden using the properties option in DocSyncer online.


DocSyncer Cons

Though DocSyncer promises what it says there are a few things that I think many people may not like about it.

No Control Over What Gets Uploaded or Synced

DocSyncer does not provide you with options to choose which documents or folders should be synchronized. This means all the documents on the computer will be synchronized with Google Docs. Ideally it would be a better option to provide users with a choice. This is one of the major problems I found with DocSyncer and the earlier they ship in this option the better.

I would not want my private bank related and bills to be synchronized online so you see why this is a sore factor.

Folders Not Synced With Google Docs

Even though the documents were properly synced, it did not create the folder structure in Google Docs account which would have been an added advantage. But nevertheless I bet they may be listening to feed back and may add in this feature in future.

DocSyncer Features

Automatic Synchronization

After installing the DocSyncer software it will automatically monitor all the documents and sync it with your Google Docs and DocSyncer account. As you make modifications to the documents DocSyncer will automatically synchronize it.

Mobile Access through Google Docs

Google has recently released a Mobile Edition of Google Docs.  By using DocSyncer to sync your documents, you’ll be able to quickly see any of your documents across all of your computers on your cell phone.

Remote Access & Versioning

No matter where you are, you can pickup a copy of that document you left on your other computer by logging in to DocSyncer.  Remote access has never been so easy!  Plus, we show you all of the previous versions of your documents, should you need to access an old copy.

Strong Security

DocSyncer syncs all files using 128-bit SSL and AES encryption. All communications with Google are also secured over an SSL connection.

DocSyncer Software Requirements

  • Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
        (Mac OS X version coming soon!)
  • 500 MHz processor or above
  • 10 MB of disk space
  • 64 MB of RAM memory
  • Broadband Internet connection

    My 2 Cents

    If you get hands on the invite definitely start using it. The only factor that does not make this perfect is not providing choice for which documents or locations should be synchronized. Once that issue is addressed I definitely guarantee that it will be one of the best softwares ever created.

    If you have got your invite do let me know your experience about it. I would definitely be interested in hearing your opinion about it.

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