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You probably know how the Windows clipboard works. You copy something, then you can paste it somewhere else. The things you copy could be plain text, formatted text, images, links or files. You may also know what happens each time you use the clipboard. The Windows clipboard only holds the memory of the last clipping. Anything you clipped previous to the last item is gone forever.

This loss can be frustrating, and the frustration has inspired many solutions to this problem. The most common solution is a tool called a clipboard manager. These tools (sometimes called clipboard extenders, enhancements or extensions) can give you access to old clippings.

I won’t use a PC for any length of time without a clipboard manager. Over the years, I’ve tried many clipboard extenders, and Ditto is my favorite. Ditto is a free and open source program. It has built-in help and an active online forum. It also comes in a portable version that you can unzip onto a flash drive and take with you for use on any PC.

Ditto’s search feature is what really sold me on it. When Ditto is activated by it’s hot key, it displays the most recent clips and also defaults to a search mode. As soon as you start typing, Ditto searches all of it’s clippings for the characters you enter and displays the most likely clippings that contain those characters.

When you combine the search feature with Ditto’s ability to permanently store clippings, you have a time saving database right at your finger tips. After I describe the program, I’ll show you my favorite feature to save you time if you decide to use it.

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  • thx for sharing…and also for freebie guy..

  • Great Software mate, I am really fed up when i loss the previous copied file is lost. Really thanks for great work in keeping software here.

    • Thanks for the comment Williams. This is the only clipboard manager I've found that allows you to select files for copying later. It can be very handy.

  • Balaji Neelakantan


    I would like to know a portable freeware document organizer in which I would like to keep the following documents.

    1. My W2 PDF forms for the past and current year
    2. Scanned image of my SSN and passport pages
    3. Couple of MS office documents.

    I would like to categorize each one of them. For ex, I will create a category called "Tax" and under it, I will create a subcategory called "2009" and I I would like to have my W2 forms, Federal return and state return forms for 2009 year.

    I would also like to have a category for "password" and under it I will save all my personal password information from keepass. But, this entire category needs to be password-protected.

    Let me know if you know of any such freeware. I tried a couple of freewares that listed below, but they are buggy.

    1. Seonote
    2. TreeDBNotes
    3. Total Text Container.