Distective: Know Which Folders are Taking Up The Most Space In Your System

Distective is a freeware utility for Windows that creates a pie chart represening files and folders that take up much space in your system. This utility is useful in situations where you might be runing out of disk space and want to quickly see a pictorial representation of large files and folders in your computer.

Download Distective

Using Distective is simple and straight forward. Start the utility and it will prompt you to select a folder or a disk that you want to scan.


Scanning an entire drive may take a couple of minutes to finish. After the scan is over, Distective presents a pie chart of folders acording to their size on disk. It also shows you the number of files in a particular folder.(also read: View detailed information of your hard disk drives in Windows)

Here is how my C drive looks:


You can view detailed data about folders and subfolders from the right panel of the utility. The reports can be printed or may be saved for future use. Distective is a portable application and can be used from your removable drive as well.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

Distective is cool but it’s again very basic. After finding out large folders and files you have to manually delete them from your system. The pie charts and visuals are good but more functionalities need to be added.

Techie-Buzz rating: 2/5 (poor).

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