Display Multiple Time Zones in the XP System Tray

microsoft-time-zone-icon I was very happy when I found a feature in Windows 7 that allowed me to see the current time in cities across the world by hovering the mouse over the system tray clock.


As you can see in the image, you can display up to three time zones, including the one you are using. If you didn’t know how to set that up in Vista or Win7, you can use these instructions at Microsoft.

I have several PCs at home and at work that are running Windows XP, so I decided to find out if there was a way to add a similar feature.

I found several applications that give you fairly quick access to views of multiple time zones, but I wanted one that resided in the system tray. Finally, I found my answer: Microsoft Time Zone.

Normally the time is displayed in the system tray in XP, showing only the time itself. Hovering your mouse over it displays the day and date as shown here.


Microsoft Time Zone allows you to see up to 5 different times zones. However, it requires a left click on the system tray icon to display them.


Right clicking on it gives you access to the settings and options. It also allows you to find the current times of anyplace else in the world.


I found out that installing Microsoft Time Zone wasn’t exactly trouble-free. This little program requires .NET Framework 1.1 to be installed. Even if you have later versions of .NET installed, Time Zone won’t let you install until you add .NET 1.1. This has always been the main reason I don’t like .NET Framework.

Download Microsoft Time Zone

Download Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1

Be sure to take a look at some of the other articles we’ve written about Time Zones and other system tray utilities.

Techie Buzz Verdict:

I really enjoy having Microsoft Time Zone in Windows XP. Since many of the people I chat with online are in other time zones, it’s a big help to know what time it is where they live. As I mentioned above, the major drawback to this application is it’s reliance on .NET Framework.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5

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  • This is great if your overseeing an outsourced project or you have an international blog readership and want to find out which time gets you the most visitor.

    Awesome tutorial!

    • Thanks Kevin – I really appreciate the comment.

  • Mike

    I just installed the MS Time Zone program in my tray too. Love the idea. But, I've noticed that the Pacific time zone is wrong. It's currently an hour behind. Any idea how to correct this? Email me any thoughts. Thanks.

  • ramkrish

    Before I install, need some clarity. I use windows XP SP2.
    I have US time(EST) in my system tray and I use a Accounting S/w which takes the date from System time in mm/dd/yyyy format for US customers. Now I need to service UK customers hence i need the dates in dd/mm/yyyy format. The Accounting package is not allowing different date format as it takes the date format from system
    Can this be done. pl let me know how to do it.