Recover Gigabytes of Lost Space With DiskMax

There are plenty of disk cleanup tools in the market; in fact, almost every system maintenance suite includes one. Yet, believe me when I say, very few can claim to be as comprehensive as DiskMax.


I first used DiskMax more than a year back and was wowed by it instantly. DiskMax had managed to effortlessly reclaim fifteen gigabytes of precious space. Since, then it has only improved by leaps and bounds.


DiskMax’s interface is unique because rather than asking you to select the items you want to scan beforehand, it keeps prompting as it progresses. It supports four scan profiles, which offer varying degrees of optimization. As I mentioned earlier, what sets DiskMax apart from the crowd is its thoroughness. Among other things, it cleans Microsoft Office Installer Cache, performance logs, unused hibernation and page files, icon cache, user registry entries, Windows memory dumps, Windows logs, Windows Update backups, Windows event logs and browser data (Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Internet Explorer).


Techie Buzz Verdict

DiskMax-Highly-ReccomendedI have been using DiskMax for more than year and have never encountered any problems. In the past year, I have used it on numerous occasions, on various systems, and the results were always astounding. However, once should be careful while using the Deep Scan option. In fact, I would recommend not using it, if you do not know what you are doing. Nevertheless, even without Deep Scan, it managed to delete more than ten-gigabyte of junk on my cousin’s computer.

DiskMax is a fabulous utility, which works marvelously. The unique interface actually works rather well and allows you to customize the scan profiles according to your needs. The only annoyance is that it insists on forcing users to check for updates. The installer is also rather rude, and doesn’t support any interaction with the user. However, do not let these niggles stop you from using an excellent utility.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4.5/5 (Excellent)

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