Disable Windows Sounds While Listening To Music

There are several times when you are listening to music and a windows sounds interrupts it, not only is it pretty annoying, it can also make listening to music a lot more less satisfying.


SoundOff is a handy freeware utility that will help you to turn off all the Windows Sounds while you listen to your favorite music.

The program lets you quickly and easily turn off Windows sounds with the right-click of a mouse button. This is especially handy when you want to listen to music without hearing all the clinks and clunks of Windows actions. To currently do this, you have to go to the control panel, select the Sounds and Multimedia applet, select the Sounds tab, then change to No Sounds.

SoundOff not only saves you time, it also allows you to save your sound schemes by giving it a custom name, you can also delete old sound scheme. There is also a feature that will allow you to keep your current sound scheme and override changes made by other programs to it.

Definitely a worthwhile download for any user who listens to music on their computer.

Download SoundOff [via Life Rocks]

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