Digsby Releases New Update, Adds LinkedIn Support

Digsby had been one of our favorite multi-im protocol client which had built in support for IM networks, social networking and emails from popular email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and so on. But the one major concern for us had been the huge memory footprint it used which literally used to hang the PC when a new alert of email arrived.


Over a period of time they have been working on several performance enhancements which reduced memory usage and made it much more faster.

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Well the performance enhancements did not stop there, they have released a new version today which further improves on Ram usage and Performance. In addition to that, they have also added support for LinkedIn networks. Major enhancements include:

  • RAM Usage: We optimized from the ground up and fixed memory leaks to lower RAM usage by almost 75%.  This has been the number one complaint since our launch and we are proud to introduce this massive improvement.
  • Performance: User interface elements draw twice as fast for better performance. We have made changes to the architecture that will improve GUI responsiveness and CPU utilization across the board.
  • Connectivity: Every IM protocol automatically tries multiple connection methods and ports to improve the odds of getting through restrictive firewalls and proxy servers.
  • LinkedIn: Digsby now supports LinkedIn in addition to the other social networks.  Functionality includes a full newsfeed, alerts when new messages arrive, and the ability to set status right from Digsby.

If you had ditched Digsby earlier for the memory issues, it is time to give it another try, after all you rarely get a all-in-on IM, mail and social networking tool which uses less memory.

Download Digsby for Windows | Download Digsby for Mac | Download Digsby for *Nix

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