Detect And Screen Wireless Network Activity

WirelessNetView v1.21 is background software that detects and screens wireless network activity. It exhibits for every identified network its SSID, Average or most recent signal quality, Cipher and validation algorithms, Detection counter, MAC address, Channel frequency as well as number and RSSI.

Every wireless device’s company name is also shown by this software. The MAC address helps the software find out this name. A special external file is required to be placed in the software folder for accessing this attribute.

In the latest version of 1.21 information for maximum speed is also displayed unlike earlier editions of the software. The record of spotted wireless networks is repeatedly updated after every interval of 10 seconds to highlight those alterations that have occurred in the network signal and so as to append new networks to the catalog.

It is very easy to use this software as the executable file has to be just run. There is no difficult installation procedure for using WirelessNetView v1.21.

WirelessNetView v1.21 is a freeware that works only if the operating system of the computer is Windows Vista or Windows XP that have SP2 or SP3 and which possess a wireless network-adaptor and card driver. KB918997 is required to be set up in your system if it uses Windows XP operating system with SP2, for proper functioning of this software.

It is possible to translate WirelessNetView v1.21to different languages so that the dialog boxes and menus etc are converted to that language. On fulfilling translation process steps the transformed strings will be obtained from the software’s language file.

Even after this whole process is completed you can still operate the software without any translation by changing the language file’s name or by altering the location of the file to some other folder.

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