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Windows allows you to instantly minimise all open windows and view the desktop through the keyboard shortcut “Win+D” or the “Show Desktop” in the Quick Launch Bar. However, this is a far from ideal solution if you have a dozen open windows and want to access an item on your desktop. Windows Seven contains a new feature called Aero Peek which allows you to quickly view your desktop by simply hovering over the Aero Peek button (extreme right end of the taskbar). However, this feature is of little use since you can not actually interact with any of the elements on the desktop.

Desk Topmost offers an elegant and effective solution to this problem. Instead of minimising all open windows, it displays your desktop on top of them in a translucent overlay mode (transparency is available only in Windows Vista and Windows Seven). Desk Topmost can be triggered through a hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+D) and dismissed when no longer required with a simple right click.

Desktop Topmost - Desktop Overlay in Windows Seven

Desk Topmost solves various issues like temporary slowdowns you may encounter while using the default “Show Desktop” option. Unfortunately, Desk Topmost has a weird problem with Dual Monitor systems which makes it useless if you use more than one monitor. However on single monitor systems Desk Topmost works really well and boosts productivity. It’s a must have for heavy multi-taskers.

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