Customize Windows Right Click Context Menu With Right Click Extender

Have you ever tried to measure the length of Windows right click context menu? As more and more programs are installed, the right click context menu is populated with unnecessary items which you don’t use often. Another disadvantage is that Windows provides no easy way to add items in the right click context menu.

That’s when you need tools like Right Click Extender. Right Click Extender is a freeware utility for Windows which let’s you add custom entries in the right click context menu. You can add shortcuts for commonly used tasks such as:

  • Move an item to a custom folder.
  • Copy an item to a custom folder.
  • Open the Registry editor.
  • Open the Task Manager and Administrative tools.
  • Open the Control panel.
  • Open the Command prompt
  • Hide/Unhide files and folders.
  • Encrypt or decrypt a document.

Using the application is simple. Download Right Click Extender and unzip the files in your computer. Double click the Right Click Extender icon and select the settings which you want to be shown in the right click context menu.


Hit the “Apply” button and all the selected functions are added to the right click context menu. You can remove specific entries from the program settings by unchecking the respective checkboxes at a later time.


The program doesn’t requires any installation and thus can be used from a removable drive.

Techie Buzz Verdict

The application looks good and has all the important functions which we can use to customize the right click menu and make it more useful.   What about removing the unnecessary entries which are already listed? I can’t remove them using this program, which makes me less happy recommending it. I have to use other programs like ShellExView to remove the older entries.

Techie Buzz rating: 3.5/5 (Very good)

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Amit Banerjee

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