Cleanup, Customize & Speedup Right Click Context Menu In Windows

Many softwares you install add context menu options to the right click menu, though this is done to provide users with a easy way to access application features, however if you have a lot of context menu items it can considerably slow down the right clicks.

This can be quite a hindrance since finding applications and disabling the right click context items can be quite a pain.

Fortunately for every problem there is a solution, likewise to speedup the right click menu in Windows.

ShellExView which we had mentioned earlier is one such that will help you manage your right click context menu items, you can easily enable or disable the context menu items for all softwares from a single interface.

MMM is another freeware that will allow you to customize your right click menu, it classifies the context menu items into different categories.

Filemenu Tools is another freeware utility that will allow you to easily customize your right click context menu, it also allows you to add some in-build functionalities that can come in handy.

Do you use any other software or utility to customize your right click menu? Do let us know about them.

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