Create Icons Easily With SimplyIcon

You can get thousands of icons on the web. But what if you want to create your own icon? Now you don’t need to worry as you can create your own customized icon with SimplyIcon. It can create icons of 128 x 128, 32 x 32, 24 x 24, and 16 x 16 size.

Simply Icon

SimplyIcon is easy to use and completely portable. You can carry it anywhere on your USB stick. You can create icons with any image of your choice. If you want to create an icon of 128×128 size, then your source image should be more than 128×128 pixels.

Simply Icon 2

To create your own icon just drag-and-drop the image into SimplyIcon’s window area and your image will be converted within seconds. You can’t do advanced editing with this software. But if you are looking for a basic software just for creating a customized icon, this program is highly recommended.

[ Download SimplyIcon ] via. How To Geek

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