Handy Shortcuts: Create Desktop Shortcuts Of Commonly Used Tasks in Windows

Do you work a lot with Windows shortcuts? Do you want to create shortcuts for frequently used programs and tasks in Windows desktop? Here is a free utility to get the job done. Handy shortcuts can create desktop shortcuts of commonly used tasks like shutting down your computer, hibernation, logoff etc. (also read: get all the Windows commands in one application)

Handy shortcuts is a portable application and can be used in multiple computers from a USB stick.

Here is how the application looks:



You can create desktop shortcuts of the following tasks:

  • Lock Windows
  • Switch user accounts
  • Shutdown Windows
  • Logoff Windows
  • Hibernate Windows
  • Show Desktop
  • Add and Remove programs
  • Open Device manager
  • Launch Windows Security center.

The advanced tab contains some lesser used tasks. It lets you create

  • Start Windows defender.
  • Start Windows DVD maker
  • Disable Windows Firewall
  • Safely remove hardware
  • Connect to internet
  • launch or change Windows screensaver state.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

The application looks good and is a quick way to create desktop shortcuts of commonly used tasks. But there aren’t any way to create shortcut for folders, files or any removable drives.

Techie-Buzz rating: 3/5 (average).

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