Create and Share UML Diagrams Online

If you have ever drawn a class diagram, you would know that it is not an easy job. Dragging lines and boxes, and organizing them makes it an arduous task. However, now there is a great web application that allows you to create UML (Unified Modelling Language) diagrams without drawing a single line.

Yuml is a free web app that allows you to create Class diagrams or Case diagrams by simply typing your diagram in shorthand.  For example, just type [User]-(Login) in the text box and click submit to generate the diagram. To edit the diagram, just change the text and your diagram will be re-drawn. You can save your diagram as a PNG or JPG image or even download it as a PDF.  You can also get a link to embed the image into your blog or wiki.  Yuml also has simple and straight-forward guidelines about using the syntax and formatting the diagram that can help you in creating diagrams without any hassle.

If you think these diagrams are kinda plain, you can also add colors to them. Just typing [Customer{bg:orange}] would make the Customer box orange in color. Yuml also provides an option to add sticky notes to your diagrams. A number of samples are also provided to outline different Yuml features and guidelines.  Yuml is free to use but  universities and businesses can also buy a private license to install it on their computers.

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