CopyPasteTool Is a Dead Simple Clipboard Manager

In the past we have told you about several Copy Paste replacements for Windows which work much better than the default copy paste in Windows, some of the tools we talked about, also allowed you to add multiple entries to the windows clipboard.

However most of the softwares for multiple clipboards required that you use a different shortcut key while pasting contents from the clipboard.

CopyPasteTool is another clipboard manager, however this tool works slightly differently, you do not need to make use of different and can continue using the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V shortcut keys to copy and paste.


However if you want to paste text from the previous entries in the clipboard, you can continue pressing the V key while pasting without leaving the Ctrl key. For example if you want to paste the 3rd item from your clipboard memory, hold the Ctrl key and press V 3 times, dead simple isn’t it.

CopyPasteTool is a software, and does not take up a lot of memory footprint.

Download CopyPasteTool

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