Copy Your Files Between Two Computers With CopySpot
By on May 19th, 2008

Some time back we had talked about Beyond Copy a software that allowed you to share your files and clipboard entries between multiple PCs on the same network.

We came across another such software which allows you to do the same but also has FTP support built in so that you can directly copy your files to the given FTP location.

CopySpot allows you to copy files from one PC to another PC on the same network without having to share your files and folders. The only thing required for the copy to take place is that CopySpot should be installed on both the PCs you want to copy and paste to.

In addition to that you can also setup CopySpot to directly copy your files to a FTP server, which is a super cool feature.

The software also has a cute puppy to watch over you files and everytime you drag and drop the file over the puppy it gives a small bark acknowledging receipts of your file.


Main Features of CopySpot

  • Coping files from one computer to another is as easy as drag-and-drop
  • Drag-and-drop now, copy later. CopySpot will wait until both computers are available
  • Zero configuration for home network use (other than your firewall settings)
  • Simple configuration for Internet use
  • Copy files to FTP Server
  • Fast and reliable
  • For Windows 2000/XP/Vista


If you have more than two PCs on your network or use a separate PC to backup your files on another PC on your network CopySoft can make your life much more easier.

In addition to that if you backup your files to a FTP location it can just  be done with a simple drag and drop without even having to fire up your FTP Client.

Let me know your views about this software, looking forward to hear about them.

Download: CopySoft

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  • Vaibhav

    seems great, specially the dog bark :)
    I will try it with my new laptop, to transfer data

    • Keith Dsouza

      Glad you found it useful Vaibhav.

  • Bargain Shopping

    This just makes things little bit easier, I’ve always stuffed everything on a USB stick before hand.

    • Keith Dsouza

      Glad it was of help to you, even I am ditching using USB devices when copying on network computers.

  • hassan

    Thanks for the update but i wanna ask isnt a USB drive much more reliable and faster than Copyspot ? :S

    • Keith Dsouza

      Well hassan this should be a much more faster method since you do not have to plugin the USB device then remove it and plug it into the other PC. Using CopySpot once you have copied a file it will be available on the other PC for pasting

  • hassan

    Mostly i’d use my trusty USB for transfer of data but i have a hobby of trying out new things so i’ll check it out too… thanks for the update :D.

  • Ricky

    hi! Copyspot is cool, but how do i cancel a file transfer? I thought i could just exit, and then restart the program, and it would allow me to restart the transfer of a certain file. Instead, it's using the same file name as the other file i tried to transfer. I want to reset things. Any ideas?

  • Rick

    There are problems with Copyspot. Sometimes it ends up in a loop, where it’s trying to copy the same file over and over. I have no idea how to get it out of the loop. It’s crazy! I’ve copied hundreds of files from my laptop to my desktop, and vice versa. If the author of the software would update it, maybe he or she could fix that.

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