Copy Your Files Between Computers With Beyond Copy
By on December 13th, 2007

When you work with multiple workstations at the same time it becomes hard to copy your files and text between computers. Windows security does not allow the sharing of clipboards between computers on the network and it becomes a pain when you want to copy text or files between two or more computers.

The best you can do is open the network folder using explorer and copy the files to the other computer. I work with two computers and can tell you that this becomes quite a pain.

Beyond Copy is a great utility that lets you share the clipboard over the network. It is a synchronization tool which synchronizes the clipboards, so when you copy something on one computer you can directly paste the text or file to the other computer.

beyond copy lan clipboard

Having this utility has definitely helped me quite a lot as it saves me time from sharing files and folders on different computers and then using Windows Explorer to copy files to it.

To make use of the synchronization of clipboards you will have to install the software on all the PCs that you plan to use this on. Once you have downloaded and installed Beyond Copy on all the PCs make sure that it is running on all the PCs. To synchronize the clipboards click on Add button in the Beyond Copy interface and add the host name of the PC to the list.

Beyond Copy will try to connect to the host name you have provided it with, if it finds a instance of Beyond Copy running on the other host it will connect and synchronize both the clipboards.

To find out the host names of PC you can click on Start -> Run and type in sysdm.cpl. In the new window that pops up choose the Computer Name tab. The host name is the Full computer name that is specified for the PC.

My 2 Cents

If you make use of multiple computers and copy a lot of data back and forth you should definitely try this software out as it makes life more easier for you. I have not tried this out on virtual machines but think that it would work out there too.

Download: Beyond Copy

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