Copy Files To Multiple Folders At Once

In our earlier free copy paste replacements for Windows article, we had listed several tools for making copy pasting easier, however one tool which we did mention was Piky Basket, which is no longer free.

The main feature of the application was to allow users to copy or move files from multiple locations or folders to multiple folders.

We just came across another called n2ncopy which allows users to copy files from multiple folders to different target folders, and all of this at once.


Once installed n2ncopy creates a tiny overlay window, which you can move around the screen, to copy files drag and drop them in the green area, to select target folders, drag and drop them to the blue area, once you have accumulated the files and folders you want to copy, double click on the interface, this should open up the main window.

You can setup rules for handling existing files which have names similar to the files being copied, and whether the task is to copy the files or move them over.

Download N2ncopy [via gHacks Tech News]

One thought on “Copy Files To Multiple Folders At Once”

  1. Thank you very, very much.

    That is something I have been looking for for a loooong time. I mean I never really looked as I did not know something like this existed :(

    Thank you very much for this great article and I am surely going to check this out.

    Thanks a lot.

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