Copy Files Faster With Fast Copy

If you have not yet taken a look at the featured post of the week Copy Paste Replacements for Windows, you may know how much we dislike the inbuilt copy/paste functions in Windows, coming back to the point, the copy and delete feature in Windows is just too slow, and copying larger files takes forever.

Previously we have covered a handy called Teracopy, which fastens up the process of copying files, but if you are looking for a alternative, Fast Copy also allows you to copy and delete files much more faster than the in-built copy function.


Fast Copy is smart in the sense that it automatically detects if you are copying files on the same HDD or a different HDD, if you are copying to the same HDD, reading and writing are processed respectively in parallel by another thread.

On the other hand if you are copying file to another HDD, reading is processed the big buffer fills, when the big buffer filled, writing is started and processed in bulk, making copying between network drives faster.

Download Fast Copy

2 thoughts on “Copy Files Faster With Fast Copy”

  1. I initially came here thinking… ooo he saw my post and found the product useful too. Well it seems I’m a little behind on my Google Reader!

    p.s. I scheduled the post weeks ago… honest :)

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